Get and Monetize shares of land in the Metaverse

Metasplit reinvents the ownership by allowing everyone to buy shares of lands in the metaverse and earn with it. Metasplit is a DAO aiming to become the biggest cross-metaverse marketplace and ecosystem around lands


Metasplit makes lands more affordable in the Metaverse and allows for passive revenue generation


And tokenize your Land to trade it!

Metasplit provides a revolutionary protocol for partitioning Lands while being compliant with ERC721 and ERC1155 standards


And become a co-owner in the Metaverse!

Metasplit gives you the opportunity to buy shares of land offered by a seller. You also have the ability to submit purchase orders that can be accepted by a seller.


Without losing full ownership!

Metasplit allows you to sell shares of land. Furthermore, it is also possible for a seller to accept a buy order.


And don't care how it costs!

Metasplit enables the creation of a pool by a group of individuals in order to make a purchase offer for a Land that is not for sale on our platform.


And generate passive incomes!

Allows a landowner (or co-owners) to rent a property with a collateral guarantee to avoid any risk of expropriation. This allows the owner to make his land profitable and the tenant to organize various events in the Metaverse


And enhance your land!

Our plateform facilitates the connection between lands owners and Metaverse designers in order to increase the value of their land for a possible rental or trading on this land

Our mission

Considering the rising prices of lands in the metaverse, our mission is to allows anyone becoming land's owner through a fully decentralized nft partitioning and delegation protocol


Thanks to its partitioning protocol, Metasplit allows anyone to buy shares of land


Metasplit allows SPLIT holders to vote and decide the future of the roadmap


By offering different services such as trading, rental, designer marketplace...

Road Map

Join Metasplit DAO and contribute to the future of the Metaverse market


SPLIT is an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain. It permits access to services and it also gives voting power to the holders. It provides you with cheaper transaction fees if it is used as an exchange currency.

Team KYC

Team is KYC so the token is therefore risk-free for investors. The certificate is available here.


SPLIT token has been audited by an Unicrypt whitelisted auditor. The audit is available here.


Almost all the tokens have been locked using the Unicrypt locking service. More details here

Fixed Supply

SPLIT is a non mintable token with a fixed total supply, disabling anyone to mint more tokens than expected and preventing anyone from manipulating the price of the token


A clear and serious tokenomics for the project development

Token Symbol :
Total supply :
20,000,000 SPLITS
Token address :


Metasplit is building the biggest cross-metaverse platform



Metasplit is the first real estate agency that is totally decentralized and avoid any intermediary between the buyer and the seller

Decentralized real estate agency

Decentralized real estate agency

Metasplit cut out the intermediary between the buyer and the seller and makes the democratization of lands on the metaverse possible. The system is totally decentralized and exchanges are made via smart contracts. The co-ownership is managed by smart contracts which nobody owns and is redistributed to the different part holders.

SPLIT holders also have a decision power proportional to the number of tokens they own. They can vote and propose features in the roadmap.